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These gourmet instantly fresh herbs offer the taste, aroma and vitamins of fresh herbs. They are sure to become a staple in your kitchen...and will make a unique and delicious gift to the hostess or chef on your list. See for yourself why they are "As Close To Fresh As You Can Get!"

Click to enlarge Red Onion
Litehouse instantly fresh Red Onion gives all the full-bodied onion flavor without the chopping and tears! It instantly rehydrates and makes the perfect foundation for meats, poultry, soups, salads and stews. (Net Wt 0.6 ounces; 17.5 grams)

Click to enlarge Oregano
This aromatic freeze-dried herb instantly rehydrates and will enhance your favorite pasta sauce, or any Italian or vegetable dish.

(Net Wt 0.28 ounce; 8 grams)

Click to enlarge Chives
This aromatic freeze-dried herb instantly rehydrates and will enhance your favorite pasta sauce, or any Italian or vegetable dish.

(Net Wt 0.28 ounce; 8 grams)

Click to enlarge Dill
Add fresh dill flavor to any dish with our easy to use instantly fresh dill. Delicious with fish and fresh vegetables.

(Net Wt 0.3 ounce; 8.5 grams)

Click to enlarge Parsley
Litehouse Freeze-Dried Parsley makes a popular garnish and light, tasty addition to soups, melted butter, salad dressings and egg dishes.

(Net Wt 0.3 ounce; 8.5 grams)

Click to enlarge Salad Herb Blend
Litehouse Freeze-Dried Salad Herb Blend is the perfect complement to chicken or tuna salads, omelets, pasta salads, soups or your favorite green salad.

Ingredients: parsley, red onion, chives, shallots, garlic, dill. (Net Wt. 0.42 ounce; 12 grams)

Click to enlarge Garlic
Litehouse Freeze-Dried Garlic brings to you all the taste of fresh garlic without the peeling and pressing. You'll love the intense, fresh garlic flavor in all your favorite dishes. (Net Wt. 1.58 ounce; 45 grams)

Click to enlarge Basil
Litehouse Freeze-Dried Basil delivers all the fresh taste and the distinct basil aroma you would expect from freshly picked herbs. Widely used in Italian cuisine, basil is a great complement to meat, salad, cheese and tomato dishes. (Net Wt. 0.28 ounce; 8 grams)

Click to enlarge Cilantro
Cilantro adds that little kick to your Hispanic dishes. It complements peppers and onions and is great in both hot and cold dishes. Net wt .35oz (10grams)

Click to enlarge Italian Herb Blend
Italian Herb Blend is the quintessential mix of herbs and seasonings for any authentic Italian dish. (Net Wt. 0.42 ounce; 12 grams)

Click to enlarge Poultry Herb Blend
Poultry Herb Blend is perfect for making homemade stuffing. One half jar is enough for one turkey worth of stuffing. Ingredients: Onions, thyme, sage, marjoram, spring onions, garlic, rosemary. (Net Wt. 0.42 ounce; 12 grams)

Click to enlargeSpring Onion
Freeze-Dried Spring Onion is great to add in any recipe! The perfect green onion flavor without the hassle of cleaning and slicing. (Net weight .22oz)

Click to enlargeGinger
Litehouse Instantly Fresh Ginger is perfect for Asian cuisine or even in your hot tea! Full of aroma and flavor, try it in soup, chicken recipes and stir fry. (Net wt 0.56 ounce; 16 grams)

Click to enlargeLemongrass
Litehouse Instantly Fresh Lemongrass is perfect for Asian cooking! More convenient than chopping up lemon grass stalks, try it in soups, chicken satay and even with seafood

Click to enlargeThyme
NEW! Instantly Fresh Thyme is popular in many Mediterranean dishes. This herb is very versatile with sweet and mildly pungent flavoring with a strong aroma. Thyme is used in a variety of dishes, but more popular to flavor cheese, breads, and meats.

Click to enlargeSage
NEW! Instantly Fresh Sage quickly rehydrates giving recipes full fresh flavor. Sage is a leafy herb that is savory and slightly peppery with a hint of lemon. It also is rich in nutrients and used in many favorite holiday recipes.

Click to enlargeNEW! Mint
Our Instantly Fresh™ Mint will be a perfect complement to your sweet and savory meals. With only one simple ingredient inside — mint — this jar is full of refreshing flavor.

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